Featured: Rachel Scott Couture – Bridal Wear Boutique – Edinburgh

Featured: Rachel Scott Couture – Bridal Wear Boutique – Edinburgh

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

Today’s post is from the fabulous Rachel Scott Couture. Enjoy!

As owner of Rachel Scott Couture, a bridal wear boutique based in Edinburgh city centre, I’ve very kindly been asked by Yvonne to write a little piece about what I do. So while attempting to form some words that best demonstrate what I uniquely offer and what’s helped us become a multi-award winning bridal retailer, I look around at my Dundas Street shop and get instant inspiration from my carefully selected designer collections. I am also reminded by our bigger-than-life-size rag doll, perched on her branch swinging from the ceiling, that we have something special here and certainly something out of the ordinary.

I’m sitting in a room full of painstakingly and skilfully constructed dresses, each one a unique statement full of individuality but incredibly none of them shouts brashly above the other. They all have their own thing to say of course, they’re all confident and self assured dresses absolutely, but it’s much more of an elegantly understated voice, “I’m here, I’m completely mesmerising and you can’t take your eyes of me but it’ll never appear that that was my original intention. My precision cut, my sleek minimalist finish and my impeccable fabric all allow me to wrap my bride like a gorgeous dupion silk security blanket and keep her free from any hint of insecurities on her wedding day.”

Rachel Scott Couture is all about creativity, vibrancy and excitement in bridal design – keeping a solid base in timeless glamour, showing only the highest quality of couture designers but also being the leading source in Scotland for finding the future bridal trends.

I’m passionate about quality, I’m passionate about incredible styling, and I’m passionate about finding a dress that makes a bride feel the most confident and comfortable on her wedding day that she possibly can be. That is something I won’t compromise on. Whether it’s the intricate detail of the bespoke fabric in a Claire Pettibone dress, the sheer feminine elegance of a Sassi Holford or the superior tailoring of a Stewart Parvin, each and every one has a subtlety and absolute understated elegance that guarantees unsurpassable sophistication.

Surrounded by luxury but also warmth, friendliness and passion, every bride gets an unforgettable experience. I love what I do and have so much enthusiasm for each and every one of my clients. So, after a wonderful ten years in business, I think we’re only just getting started.

If you’d like to see more, why not visit the boutique at 3 Dundas Street, Edinburgh or take a peek on the website at http://rachelscottcouture.co.uk/

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