Romantic Paris

Romantic Paris

Romance is certainly not dead!

My lovely Hubby stunned me last week by announcing on my birthday, that the following Monday he was whisking me off to Paris for a 4 day trip!  I had absolutely no idea he’d planned this, and it was a wonderful surprise.

Paris is such a stunning city, with a wonderful relaxed feel about it (which is surprising considering it’s size) and fitting into the cafe and bar culture was a pleasure 🙂

We spent some time sightseeing but most of the time just wandering around, soaking up the Parisian atmosphere.  We walked for miles each day, and could not have done without the wonders of Compeed 😉

We had an absolutely amazing time and I just had to share some photos that we took along the way.

Thank you hubby…. we’re approaching 15 years of marriage now, and we grow closer and closer as the years fly by…It’s as much fun as ever!  Spending time together like that is just perfect.

Next stop…Rome!



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