Vroooom – Scottish Wedding Planner Day Out

Vroooom – Scottish Wedding Planner Day Out

Had a brilliant day off yesterday with a bunch of good wedding photographer and filmmaker friends.

It was meant to be a ‘boys day out’ in response to our recent girls Spa day, but the guys were short of numbers so Christina and I stepped in for the first part of the day…Karting at Xtreme Karting in Newbridge.

The racing was SO much fun, even if the guys were a little too aggressive for my liking – spent a lot of time trying not to get bashed out of the way 🙂

We had a brilliant morning through, and despite the guys claiming victory you can see from the photo evidence here, Christina and I were the real winners!

Afterwards we went back into town for a spot of lunch, followed by a couple of cocktails with Christina, Jay, Stu and Steve (so funny to see Steve drinking Cosmos!).  The cocktails somehow managed to take it right through to dinner which was good planning!  Then some tasty Tapas before heading home to relieve the wonderful and patient childminder (my mum!)

I had a superb day – SO brilliant to get out and take a proper day off work every now and again, plus to spend it with such a great bunch of people was just perfect.

Thanks again for a fabulous day out! Steve & Stuart (Cherry Tree Films), Niels (Blue Sky Photography), Christina & Jay (Elemental Weddings), Mark (Archibald Photography) & Paul (Mr Sarah Elizabeth Photography)…you guys are so much fun to be with 🙂

Till next time…what was it again? Paintball followed by a Massage and some Prosecco? Ahhhh.

Yvonne x
Scottish Wedding Planner

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