Wow! Now some October Sunshine in Scotland!

Wow! Now some October Sunshine in Scotland!

Another wonderfully sunny (and pretty warm) October day!

We all went out today for some fresh air and chilled out with breakfast and coffee in town, so relaxing 🙂

We got to all spend some time together away from work and got to remember that family really is such an important thing in life.  It takes mornings like this to realise that the phrase ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ is just so true!

So here’s to all the wonderfully positive people out there like us, our family and our friends.  Thanks for being happy beautiful positive people!


Oh and here are some more gratuitous pictures of Callum…. xxx




Callum loves his ‘moody face’ when taking pictures.  His poses are either ‘moody’ or ‘laughing his head off’ and nothing much inbetween 🙂  He’s our little star!!

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